Tax computation

Is there a tool to help calculate tax once portfolios become more complex. Boring but necessary


There is a fantastic product that sounds like it’s just what you need, approved by HMRC it handles all of your reporting requirements with almost no work on your behalf during tax season, it takes away all the stress and is far cheaper than one of these pricey fancy accountants (@Stav @Rollingskies :wink:) it does however cost £3 … The Freetrade ISA!

not intended sarcastically I promise

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What he said… with the disclaimer that it’s £3 per month, not a flat one off fee. And, also that nothing here is actual financial advice, so if your portfolio is very complex, or over whatever the current ISA limits are, you may need a fancy accountant.

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Thankyou both for response and welcome - I’m referring to a GIA although I should be thinking of an isa now as probably so easy and flexible on Freetrade to use. Thanks again and happy New Year!


Hi @Clem22 i feel bad for being sarcastic. The app produces you statements that can be found in your activity feed but this is a pdf so user find it frustration to transfer into excel etc.

If you’re not 100% on an ISA I would expect a promotion close to April to use your years allowance and depending on how much you have they were offering up to £200 worth of shares.

No offence taken, thanks for info!

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