Calculating Freetrade Capital Gains

I currently only use the Freetrade GIA as I hold my ISA elsewhere and I have to complete a SAQ each year. I have had the misfortune of trying to calculate my capital gains through Freetrade for the last couple of years and to say it was laborious and difficult would be being saying the very least.

Currently, Freetrade only provide you with a Spreadsheet detailing the transactions you have processed and you have to work this out yourself. Sometimes it’s easy enough to calculate, if you say bought 10 shares in one order and then sold the 10 later. However, many of these cross multiple buying lots with different prices and often include fractional shares which makes it near enough impossible to be 100% accurate.

Is anyone aware of any easier ways to do this? And are Freetrade looking to provide better reporting for tax purposes? I hold accounts with other providers elsewhere and they provide you with a consolidated tax report each year (even the likes of Moneybox) which you can use to complete your SAQ.

I’d be happy to pay for this service through Freetrade (one-off or through the Plus account) and as it stands, I am reluctant to use Freetrade more than I do because of lack of tax reporting available.

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