💰 Tech Tax Deal implications 💰

:moneybag: Tech Tax Deal implications :moneybag:

Now the deal seems to be close to complete I was wondering what stocks will be affected other than the obvious ones and how it may affect the market. Any ideas?

I have read that the tech companies will just pass the costs on to customers but in reality surely it will hit the SP as well even if for a short period. Maybe I am overthinking it but it feels like this could be a huge event especially across borders that are no longer that appealing due to X% tax rates.

Is this going to mean the US stocks are less profitable? Personally I like LSE steady stocks and dividends so wondering if this is maybe a safer road at the moment. I am sure someone cleverer than me has all the answers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks like it has gone through so the impact could be huge on some SPs of companies who have avoided paying tax in many countries.

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I guess we will find out on monday. Just having a look at stocks I have some of in to try and see if they will be affected. Mainly data services and e-commerce, but would I wouldn’t be surprised if everything else dives as well :sweat_smile:

I suspect the large companies it is targeted at will find a way to minimise any tax they pay using any loopholes they can, or as you said, by passing costs on to customers (or suppliers).

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Yeah it is hard to tell as it may actually boost some in the countries that will get more tax $/£. I honestly don’t know how it will pan out but it is interesting :+1:

Seems that there is a potential loophole already… :grimacing:

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Yep it will be hard to find a way to tax a company that doesn’t make big profit :joy: Amazon concentrate on market share and reinvesting which is a difficult one to manage.