Tech Will Save Us crowdfunding

This edtech startup is going public on Seedrs tomorrow and it’s already reached its target. It comes as parents contend with homeschooling so very timely…

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Many thanks for the post. Yes our campaign is now public on Seedrs and open for investment!

Tech Will Save Us’ play-led home learning system is designed to encourage creativity while sparking an interest in science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM). It includes a digital platform, physical product experiences and a subscriptions service.

We are one of the few companies benefiting from the lockdown as parents seek fun and educational things to keep their kids occupied. Indeed the whole edtech sector is benefiting from a massive uplift in awareness which will drive growth long-term.

We are an agile team and we are bringing much needed innovation to the kids toy/education markets. Importantly, we are also bridging the gap between digital (i.e. iPad usage) and physical play. So far we’ve reached over 1.2m kids and we have some incredible investors including the backers of Supercell and Space Ape Games.

Let me know if you’d like more info. I’m also happy to do a Zoom AMA if there’s interest.

Bethany Koby,

CEO and Co-founder of Tech Will Save Us


I just tried to get some more Electro Dough for the kids and it is all sold out, disappointing as a customer. Probably a good sign as an investor.


Hi Bethany, looking for my next crowdfunding opportunity and would definitely be interested in an AMA… I couldn’t find an investor deck on seedrs but notice you’ve been very detailed in the idea section. Where can I find more info on the financials?


Hi Blake!
Great news. Cna you request access to our investor deck on Seedrs? Our COO will send it straight away. Let me know if you have any problems.

Yeah strangely I can’t locate it where it should usually be…

In “documents” tab on the page, you can select pitch deck.

Oops, didn’t show up on phone! Have found it now. Thanks!

Great! Let me know if you have any further questions or would to set up a call. We will be hosting an AMA hopefully soon as well with demos!

Hi Adam, Sorry for the inconvenience, we had a very busy Q1 and were almost 50% above targets. so unexpected stock outs have been the outcome. We will get one sent across if you can DM me your address we can send this over to you!

… by the way might it be possible to get onto the AMA schedule? Maybe we can even do some demos!?



That’s great news, sounds like your business is one of the few that is seeing growth due to the lockdown. It’s not easy keeping kids learning and occupied all day!

@sampoullain could advise on scheduling an AMA.

Thanks Adam! Yes, we feel humbled and garteful to be able to serve families with fun and educational experiences now, more than ever!

If you DM me your address I have an Electro Dough kit waiting to be sent to you :slight_smile:

@sampoullain I’d love to do an AMA and demo our product experiences, how do we go about organizing this?