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This trust invest in UK equities, aiming to provide growing income as well as capital growth.

It’s a good value play, I am looking forward to seeing what the new management team are doing. Those that bought before the first vaccine announcement are sitting on over 30% profit. I first bought them in early October so I am very happy right now :slight_smile:

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Although I’ve been topping up since March, I’m a long term holder of TMPL so my holding is still looking rather sad!

But I’m glad I kept hold of them - have confidence they will recover.

Got any details? What’s attractive about this trust ?

There has been a change in who manages the trust. Check on the website for information.

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The information below can be found on their webpage TMPL. The current portfolio breakdown is

  • UK Equities 51.03%
  • European Equities 11.6%
  • US Equities 17.6%
  • Cash & Equivalents 16.6%
  • Physical Gold & Silver 3.1%

and the top holdings are

Category Value
Travis Perkins plc 5.2%
IWG plc 4.0%
American Express Company 3.3%
Sprott Physical Silver Trust 3.1%
Safran SA 3.0%
Bayer AG 3.0%
MCcarthy & Stone PLC 3.0%
Baidu, Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 2.9%
easyJet plc 2.9%
Twitter INC 2.9%

It looked bombed out and sad 2 months ago.

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Small update regarding Temple Bar. Have a look at citywire’s latest weekly update citywire. The trust is up 39.2% over one month. Little consolation for long term holders just yet but this is looking like a decent recovery in progress.

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The portfolio has been largely overhauled by now. According to the trust’s website UK shares now amount for about 75% and they sit on almost 9% cash. The latest top holdings are

Category Value
Royal Mail plc 5.0%
Anglo American plc 4.6%
BP p.l.c. 4.6%
Standard Chartered PLC 4.5%
Royal Dutch Shell Plc Class B 4.4%
NatWest Group Plc 4.3%
Marks and Spencer Group plc 3.8%
ITV PLC 3.7%
Aviva plc 3.6%
Vodafone 3.3%

A lot of these make sense, though there all large companies. I presume thats there focus? Rather than small UK companies that have potential?

Not so sure about Vodafone though, they still had significant structural issues last i checked. Saying that a lot of communication companies do.

I am fan of knowing with near certainty that the only thing we can trust about Economic forecasts is there wrong consistently.
The imf view and the bank of England was that brexit would lead to an immediate recession. How wrong can you get?

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While I think I’d still rather hold FGT or, to a less extent, LWDB, TMPL is starting to become more interesting. In comparison to the UK equity income sector, it’s had a lacklustre decade but it’s held up relatively well in the past 12 months and it could be value’s turn in the sun.