Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust plc TEM

This investment trusts invests in companies based in emerging markets across the world, including China, Russia, Mexico and India.

What happened to this one? Something wrong with the chart or actual value?

Stock Split: 5 for 1

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Hi Sam,

Please can the chart be corrected on this as it’s not been right since the stock split a few months ago.


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Checking it out.

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I messaged the team and they say

At present, our graphs don’t adjust for any Corporate Action events such as stock splits/consolidation events. This causes both the graphs and the Gain/Loss figures to look inaccurate.
Our team is aware of this and we do hope to implement a fix for this in the future updates of the app but I wouldn’t be able to advise on a timeframe, as to when you could see this I’m afraid.