The Boring Company

(Alex Sherwood) #1


Tesla is "no longer investable" due to Elon Musk
(Dave Smith) #2

That’s pretty cool, but I can’t see how it would be any faster for large volumes of traffic

It would really want to be moving a train rather than an individual car

(Dave Smith) #3

I do want one that leads into my garage though :smiley:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

There’s a couple of reasons why it might be quicker..

It transports the vehicles at a faster speed -

The tunnels can be multi-level so there’s a lot more room to add tunnels than there is for roads.

A lot of traffic is caused by poor driving decisions so by eliminating those, you can remove some of the congestion.

They explain some more of the benefits here -

Trains might be slower because you have to wait for everyone to get onboard at the same time. If you’re sending individual cars, you can send the next ‘sled’ as soon as someone’s ready, which is more convenient too.

(Dave Smith) #5

I’m just imagining massive queues to get into the tunnel. Getting in and out would be the bottleneck. Not much point travelling somewhere at 200mph if it takes you an hour to get out of the car

(Dave Smith) #6

In order for it to be able to cope at peak times you would need loads of tunnels that would be barely used off peak

(Emma) #7

Those points are addressed in the link :grin:

I think the whole thing is amazing, Elon excels at coming up with ideas so far outside the box that he probably is unaware the box exists.

Who knows if it will eventually be a commercial success but he needs to be applauded for having the vision in the first place

(Giridhar Tammana) #8

And there are no cyclicts in the way :wink:

(Big Boss) #9

Seems counter intuitive to have this and autonomous driving both of which would ease congestion.

Elon hedging his bets haha.

Super fast long distance ground travel is very interesting though. Getting from California to NY in a like 2 hours sounds sick.

(Dave Smith) #10

If you built a tunnel from NY to Cali you could probably build a private island from the wastes as well :smiley:

(Alex Sherwood) #11

Here’s a couple of very to fairly critical pieces about The Boring Company’s prospects.

Despite what the first story says, Musk does have a history of doing the maths & spotting opportunities to do the ‘impossible’. I can imagine people making similar comments about rockets being too expensive / impossible to build privately, when he started Space X. So I’m not giving up hope yet..

(Dave Smith) #12

Space X is cool and seems to be a success, winning contracts from Nasa etc. But he does also have a large number of ideas that have gone nowhere and I think this tunnel might be one of them…

(Simran Cashyap) #13

It might be a pipe dream (pardon the pun), but this would be awesome for London too :slight_smile: