The Challenger: Freetrade’s Adam Dodds - AltFi News


Interesting read here , interview with Adam

Correction maybe needed where it says the alpha pricing is ‘leaked’

—details of which leaked on the company’s website this week.

It’s freely available and has been from the start?

  • Fractional US shares coming Q2
  • End of ‘beta’
  • Host of new features…
  • ‘In truth, we do make a little bit of money off of interest on client cash balances’

(Alex Sherwood) #2

It’s pretty crazy to have gone from this office being big enough to fit our entire team (about 10 people, when I joined last September), to our team being this big now.


I bet! Hope you keep posting updates on the team , love the group pictures


What is that stuff on the ceiling?

(Alex Sherwood) #6

They’re hats :eyes: they seem to be there for soundproofing.


You lot a bit noisy are you?

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Haha we’re very well behaved :innocent:



  • “fractional shares is going to be coming in Q2, you’re going to see different types of accounts beyond just the basic and the ISA account. It should be really interesting.”
  • “Roughly a quarter to a third of trades are using the instant service, but then if you look at the value of trades, the majority are instant.”

(Emma) #10

Seen enough horror movies to know those are actually alien cocoons :grimacing:


Good to see Freetrade making a nice chunk of money :muscle:


… would love to hear FT give more detail on trade numbers, frequency etc, but I imagine that’s all secret until the next fundraise.


Yeah definitely :+1: any week now…

(Alex Sherwood) #14

Just to be clear - we haven’t announced a date for the next crowdfunding round yet.

(Aris David) #15

Familiar faces from the community meet-up. Now they are FreeTrade employees. Very nice! :+1:

(Georgi) #16

Very exciting, if you manage to roll out fractional shares by Q2 that would be amazing. Not sure but I don’t think any other broker in the UK is currently offering fractional shares (correct me if I am wrong). It positions you very good for your european expansion as this is going to be a very strong selling point aswell.

(Pablo) #17

You guys are simply the best!


I would love to work for Freetrade and would have applied long ago if not for living in Milton Keynes and I ain’t doin the London commute again.

(also I suppose no guarantee i would get a job haha!)

(Chris) #19


@Viktor how did the panel discussion this morning go?