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This company designs and sells pumps and pump systems to a global market, specialising in standard centrifugal pumps.

Can’t find this one either :man_facepalming: Surely adding them before launching is the wrong way around and very mis-leading. I like to check the new posts out but seems to be a waste of time. :joy:

Hey Gary! This stock’s on the app as “Gorman-Rupp”, ticker $GRC. Were you able to find it in the end?

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Yes I found it thanks :+1: It was the fact the threads get created before they are actually live and back in May I was unaware it was done in this order. When the threads come out that are interesting I tend to click in the app to see the details. I now just wait a few days before opening new threads from FT and they are on the app.

Thanks for the reply.

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