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Could you please make ‘The HUT Group’ stock available, once they go public next month, please.

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Hi everyone

We’re prepping this stock for tomorrow’s IPO — the UK’s biggest for some time now — and hope to have it on your app ASAP.

UPDATE: This will go live on the market on 21st Sep. See my comment below for more info.

When you invest, your capital is at risk.


Is anyone excited by this and if so why?

All I see is an importer and online retailer with portfolio of brands that I’ve mostly never heard of, operating at the start of a colossal recession that’s about to get battered by the Brexit economy, Brexit tariffs, Brexit’s weaking pound and the lack of disposable income amongst consumers.

Maybe I’m just a pessimist!

I believe that they are also involved with hosting and managing other, external retail sites as well.

Will this be added before 8am tomorrow?

Good morning

We’ve been informed that THG stock will only be available on the Main Market from Monday 21st September.

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so we have lost this opportunity, how come it wasn’t on freetrade today?

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The post explaining this is literally 2 posts above yours.


£THG is live on your app :calling:


What are peoples thoughts on THG? It’s swan dived from highs worse than many e-commerce companies.

Seems the beauty business spin off might not be what investors wanted to see but this fall seems worse than just that alone.

At what point is this a non brainer buying opportunity?

There maybe more pain before the gains come.
Big banks cutting there stakes and talk of splitting into three separate groups.


Another bad day today falling knife this one

Wrong link

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-60% today yipeeee eee - my first ever share in the negative 60. Life goals completed.


Gives up his golden share so he can no longer stop any takeovers and regain some trust him.