The Investment Newbie

Post 2 - First Picks

I have been away from the forum a little while settling into a new job but wanted to drop in a quick update since I was keen for people to create these blogs and have only done one myself.

Although my thinking has progressed a little I still want to talk about my first picks and the thought process I had when buying them.

It was definitely quite daunting and although I was only investing £60 initially I felt like these would be the foundations of my portfolio. I pretty much looked through every ETF on offer to compare and contrast. In particular comparing similar ETFs was something I wanted to understand before committing and got some good discussion [here]’(Choosing ETFs)’

Initially all I had in my head was to keep my investments broad and diversified avoiding anything too complicated.

Despite all of this research (or because of all the research) I committed to a couple very broad diversified ETFs.

This was very much keeping things simple and following the strategy of its best to be invested in the broad market and to leave it alone for decades.

Ultimately I still think these are great long term picks but I’m not going to say too much more and I want my next post to talk about how this thinking has evolved a bit more now that I have taken into account the investments in my work pension. I also want to explore my thinking in looking at the different categories in which I want to diversify, and how these safer ETFs don’t fully meet my risk profile and diversification aspirations.