The Millennial smartphone saving revolution - FT Money

It’s a shame the FT took such a narrow minded approach to this podcast, would have been great to get Freetrade featured but their investment section was nothing more than a fleeting reference to Moneybox.


The podcast is as disappointing as their Money Management App vid :film_strip: they dropped recently. Amateur reporting: you cannot expect reliable or accurate results from a 1 month trial period (sample size too small also). Spending analytics and meaningful behaviour changes occur after at least 2 months of data imho. I expected more from the FT Money Show.

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@edoardomoreni, not sure I quite understand your last sentence but welcome to the community!

It’d be great to get your views and thoughts on the state of play wrt millennial spending, saving and investing challenges given your experience with Emma!

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I don’t care much for third parties as a whole but I’d love to see direct integration with Monzo, that would be great :slight_smile:


In case you (or anyone else) is interested, there’s been some more discussion about that here :smile:

Monzo's investment account


FT has missed out big time by leaving Freetrade from the list!