The Sunday Times Tech Track 100

Hoping to see FreeTrade here in 2 years time.


Gives you a massive insight into what the future trends will be, not focusing on the actual companies, but the service they offer.

AI, Cashless Payment Systems and DNA medical research…that’s our future. Challenge now is the pick out who you believe are the leaders in these fields and hold for the next 5/10 years :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is that the timeline we should expect? What’s the biggest hurdle for getting there, is it turnover or rate of growth?

I wouldn’t focus on that. 90% of companies fail in 3 years, 96% - in 10. Most of the ones in that list won’t be around. But the challenges they are trying to solve will be here.

freetrade is ticking a lot of boxes of a sobre high growth user-focused company with technical skills and vision to solve difficult tasks. Patience is key imho.


Although it would be good to see freetrade :freetrade: in this LinkedIn Top 25 Hottest UK Companies to Work For list in 2020 and beyond :hugs:


Thought the same engineer. Onwards and upwards :raised_hands:

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