Startups 💯: Freetrade No.1 2019?

Once the app rolls out and a year goes by, I reckon Freetrade will top this list: Startups 100 2018: UK's hottest start-ups in one definitive index

No.1 2018 is Bulb💡: 1. Bulb - Startups 100 2018 |

Freetrade featured on the site last year:

Is this something on Freetrade’s radar @Viktor what does the community think about such accolades and what are your predictions?


I wonder what the team would like to be featured on? There were a lot of Fintech faces on the Forbes 30 under 30 this year, for example :slight_smile:

Good shout… although I’m going to refrain from speculating the age of the team members & who may, or may not, qualify as under :three::zero: :smile:

Edit: @tommy this UK Fintech 35 under 35 is stacked: UK Fintech 35 Under 35: Top Young Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and Marketers


Certainly not me :cry:


We won’t fight it if they want to put us in there! :laughing:

We’ve had a fair bit of recognition e.g.:

But we are not focused on getting accolades, we are focused on making progress.


I was expecting this response from you having read your marketing medium post and enjoyed the read too.

However, accolades can be a by-product and indicator of such progress right?

I am not a fan of accolades that can easily be gamed by companies that just get all their customers to vote, but it can’t be ignored that they’re good for brand awareness/reputation…

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Thanks for reading my post. Man, were a couple of other fintech people upset.

There are a lot more marketing posts coming up, e.g. I’m writing about the ‘know, like, trust’ funnel and how it contributes to building a strong brand.

I hope you’ll find it interesting.


Ruffling a few feathers is part and parcel of being a disruptor, so more power to you :eagle:

This sounds interesting. Keep them coming :memo:


Some cool dude compiled a comprehensive list of London’s Fintech startup scene (Freetrade is listed @ number 322):


I like that Freetrade has a little explosion in the description :smiley: