Value of Freetrade

Would be interest to get the forums thoughts on Freetrade value and where we all see it going ?

I invested £1k as an R1 and I believe that may now be worth circa £10k.

Where do we see the value heading in 1Yr and 5Yrs.

What price can we see the shares getting ?


Lucky you to have known about Freetrade as early as in R1, I am genuinely jealous! :wink:

I believe a valuation of circa £40-50m in R4 would be quite prudent if it happens before the end of Q2 this year. In the future, the decisive factors for further valuation increase are likely to be Freetrade’s user growth and income generation (the latter mostly).

Unlike Uber and similar marketing-heavy tech firms, I don’t see (or rather hope not to see) Freetrade’s operational expenses rising faster than the revenues in the mid-term and I would be very surprised if it is not profitable within the next five years or so considering the potential scalability and the Team’s utter dedication to building this service.

By then, should all go well, I hope for a £1bn valuation by 2024 and maybe a potential IPO exit route within another three years or so.

In either case, none of this is based on any data, only my personal investor’s biased thinking. I simply want the best quality retail stockbroker and, just as any other community member, a healthy growth in the firm’s user satisfaction, valuation, and world-wide recognition.


I think I’d need to see some more info about the company to make a decision, i.e. business plan, financials.

@bally101 Where did you discover Freetrade as an investment opportunity?

Vlad yes I think I was lucky to get in early and in hindsight wished I went with £3k worth which I nearly did. Will be interesting to see it continue to evolve.

Hi, I saw it when they first crowdfunded and I just really liked the concept.

I also liked the management team and back then just like now, they always have time to answer my questions.

I jokingly suggested they might like to turn my £1k into £100k :+1:


Looking at the actual value of freetrade has been on my mind lately as R4 is approaching. Sadly I only recently heard about freetrade, but am seriously considering investing.
I like most people here think it’s going to chance the game.
What do you think are the main challenges for freetrade?
Do you think there are any problems with the model?

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Potential competitors I think will be the main one. From a position of nobody really doing the same thing there’s now a few on the horizon (I’m including Revolut but nobody knows what they’re actually planning) and the old guard possibly countering by lowering charges. But none of them will be as good :grin:

Is there any topic at the moment where Brexit isn’t listed as a challenge? EU expansion depends on our relationship with the EU