This should be included in the bonds selection

iShare 3-7 year Treasury bond ETF

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Is that LON:CBU7?


I believe you want the GBP listing, which is LON:CU71.

For completeness, you could also add LON:IBTL (iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF)

Strangely, the 0-1yr one is not listed in GBP so can’t have that.

The whole iShares Treasury ETF lineup is a bit odd in terms of distribution type (acc/dist) and which currency they’re listed in on the LSE. Some GBP listings are only available as distributing and others as accumulating. No consistency.

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Thank-you @Viktor Victor. For replying personally. This was unexpected.
But yes, including LON:IBTL (as mentioned) and LON:CBU7 is also a good option.
And yes the one or two of my EFT are literally accumulative rather than distributive.
But for my personal long-term investing goals I will make do.
Kudos @petebu

You have IBTL on your app already. :+1:

We’re planning to add CBU7. There is slightly more complexity as it’s USD-based, but we’re on it.

@Viktor I don’t have IBTL in my app.

Also, for CBU7, you actually want CU71. That’s the GBP priced listing. Details are all here (see under listings):

Dear @Viktor,
IBTM is available (7-10yr) not IBTL (20yr+).
Kind regards,
KUDOS @petebu

Btw, when I said there’s no consistency here, I meant, on the part of iShares (not FT). Apart from the two missing products, I think FT picked the right subset.

I did not disagree with you about iShares. On the FT picks I was very impressed with the recent additions. However due to the current market, I now have interest in these options also.

These two got added today:
IDTG iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF (GBP Hedged Distributing)
TRXS Invesco US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year UCITS ETF (GBP Hedged Distributing)

I’m a bit perplexed about these choices. All the previous ones were unhedged. These two are hedged.

@victor Are you just picking them randomly? :wink: Please consider adding “Hedged” to the name. I know it’s there in the description but it should be more prominent. It’s fundamentally a different product.


It’s interesting because half of the reason some people want to earn long term US treasury bonds unhedged is that the dollar tends to rise in times of crisis so potentially having them hedged makes them a less useful hedge… if you will pardon the pun!

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@Viktor would you be able to look at the labelling on some of these ETFs? 7-10 year bonds are medium not long-term and this becomes more confusing with the addition of actual long-term bonds.

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I know it’s an old topic but is there any explanation why IBTL is preferred over IDTG?

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