[Request] iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF - IDTL

Hello guys,

Can you please add the ticker IDTL (iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF)?

I think it would be beneficial for most of us in order to create a full portfolio

Many many thanks

Agreed…or iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF ($TLT). Either would be helpful ASAP…

As Raoul Pal says;
“Buy bonds, wear diamonds”

Is TLT tradable for EU investor?
As far as I know isn’t tradable

If you are looking to invest in US Treasuries then there are currently a couple of options available Within the FT universe.

US Government Bonds 7-10yr
US Government Bonds 1-3yr

If you are looking for longer duration bonds then TLT is available for EU residents via Etorro.


Hey Mat,

Thanks for your feedback.

I saw that FT has the short term Bond which I already included in my portfolio, however I need to include also a long term bonds (20+ years).

Does eToro offer ISA account for UK residents?
I checked and it doesn’t seems so but I might be wrong.


IDTL isn’t available across too many “free” platforms.
The super-magic-Finki-live-search-thingy shows me it’s available to trade across your usual paid platforms like HL and II. It’s on DeGiro. It also looks like it’s on EXO and Nutmeg. But not on Freetrade, eToro , T212 or IG.

Lots of volume on the order book for IDTL tho so FT should be able to trade it pretty easily.

Please being TLT