iShares USD Treasury Bond 20+ Year GBP Hedged UCITS ETF - DTG

iShares USD Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF

Hedged - IDTG

IDTG is up about 15-20% from Jan so far and rising fast as equities dropping…

God we need this badly. Freetrade is massively lacking in Bond ETFs and Commodity ETFs.




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I don’t want to talk numbers but I have people who I have convinced to move major portfolios into Freetrade. However, they won’t until more Bond and Commodity ETFs exist on the platform. Therefore, I think ‘we’ is appropriate. My main portfolio is also not on Freetrade for this same reason.

Have to get them on the forum to vote then, because at the moment it looks like no-one is interested. If no-one is interested it won’t be prioritised.

I get the whole voting thing but with the new Invest platform we are moving towards all US + UK shares. As that completes the ETF universe should be expanded. For a company which is meant to be opening up the market to amateurs, not having hedged ETFs and more bond ETFs seems like an oversight.


Agreed. Severely lacking options atm, particularly for a looming downturn. I expect many people on here do not know what the next 12 months has in store for us. Personally, I don’t see equities being the answer…

“No-one is interested” or no-one uses Freetrade to create a diverse portfolio… unless they consider a wide selection of equities as being diverse…

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No-one does, but I’m not really bothered about the next 12 months, I’m more interested in the next 25 years.

That’s rubbish. I’m chasing dignity in retirement, bonds can’t offer me that.

Regardless, I hope it gets sufficient votes to put itself onto Freetrades radar.

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I am glad to find someone else who seems to share my views. I do not see how you can use Freetrade as the sole provider for a balanced portfolio without more hedged ETFs, more Bond ETFs and more Commodity ETFs.

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So far this year bonds have outperformed equities. A good portfolio involves cycling through asset classes in order to preserve wealth as well as grow it. To recover form a 50% fall in value you need a 100% gain. If part of your portfolio can avoid this then, overall, you will accumulate wealth faster.

No that’s pretty terrible advice. Most people should not be actively managing their portfolios in this way. The vast majority of actively managed funds fall way short of just tracking the S&P and they’re doing exactly what you’re advocating. If professionals can’t do it, dedicating all their time to it, a retail investor should stay well clear, you can’t time the market.

That might be your way of doing things, but that does not necessarily make a good portfolio.

Yeah we’re in a downturn / correction. You’d expect bonds to have performed better.

I’m muting the thread now.


Can people still vote for this option if the thread is muted?

I feel we desperately need some diversification options for Freetrade. And long gov bonds are king in a recession / potential recession…

It’s a personal setting. The thread’s still here, it’s only muted for the person who doesn’t want to see it any more.

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I would also like to see some more US Treasury ETFs. You have my vote.

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Why bonds are going up as well as stocks?