Thoughts on YouTube Influencers

Nothing wrong with slow and disappointing. I’m sure many would call my investing style that. I usually invest in rock solid ETFs and conservative companies. Sure I dipped my toe one and had positions in $TSLA $LCID and $ARVL but took profit and haven’t reopened a position in any of these since.

Yes it’s seen as boring by some as you don’t get record beating growth, I understand that critique.

But you don’t get record beating losses on a red month either.

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I like pension craft… Ramin is generally objective, conservative and doesn’t blow things out of all proportion.


Those screens are incredible!


Even sweeter



Ahhhhhh that would hurt my brain, guess if you were a shake though hehe

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This sums up youtubers who pull faces for click bait to me :rofl: If the are pulling a face I ignore and if the headline is too dramatic then double no but honestly think you-tube is the last place I would look for advice.

I would actually trust some on these forums MUCH more than people monetising their often contradicting views. :+1:

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I think YouTube is an incredible resource and there are some great educators on there, but a terrible place for stock picks and there are a lot of gurus.

There’s actually a very good video on this very subject.


Sasha now on the bandwagon for another broker app with invites, he seems to be smashing out etoro, freetrade, trading 212 and now light year.

50000 subscribers at $10 - easy money for him I guess - I used to work at the same bank as him - not sure if he is still there - I signed up to try it out. It was built by the people who built Wise - no UK stocks at the moment and you have to convert money to $ to buy US stocks - Limited currently - but lets see

Yeah I haven’t tried it don’t have the funds to muck about in all other apps, I did love the 212 interface when I had the chance to play with it before they closed and made changes



I have seen. It makes me laugh this new platform called Light-year doesn’t have actual UK stocks and instead has American ADRs of UK stocks.

So as someone who lives in Britain, I can’t access my home market on this platform?

Lol wierd


That is a very useful and important perspective.

The perspective of a person who wants to save on FX fees, trade international stocks and have multi currency accounts is likely to be different. There is no doubt that Lightyear’s stock selection will quickly grow.

Additionally, I think that a major competitive threat and enhancement to the stock trading marketplace has arrived. Which I hope can only be good for customers - I am looking forward to better deals for customers all round.

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I dont mind some Finance Youtubers, but they’re mostly dregs.

Ramin at Pension Craft isnt bad, neither is Plain Bagel and Patrick Boyle.

I used to watch Sasha but his switch from dooming to nirvana in the space of two or three videos get tiresome, as well as his silly thumbnails which make it seem like the rapture is upon us.

I did watch people like “Tom Nash” when I first started investing, just because of some entertainment value but then he started to give me snakeoil salesman vibes.

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We are not all clickbait channels, those are just the ones people obviously click on. I try to make all my videos backed up by research and provide sources to the information - but that doesn’t get a lot of views (shameless plug). Or it could be my rubbish thumbnail or hidden identity :laughing:

He’s like Rasputin

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