Tickr - ESG platform

Came across these guys via a colleague. Initially very intrigued and interested as they are saying they will be a different ESG platform (like Nutmeg/Wealthify etc, but specifically focussed on Environmental, Social, Governance issues, and similar impact investingthemes).

Summary: platform for thematic ETF portfolios based on Climate, Social Impact, or Tech Disruption, or a combo of the three, as well as classic three stage risk allocation (cautious, balanced, adventurous).

I was quite disappointed to be honest as I was hoping for something more - they basically charge 0.7% to curate portfolios of about 4-6 ETFs (plus ETF fee).

Can we get some of these thematic ETFs added soon? I know a number of them are in the pipeline/on the stock request list. I don’t want to have to pay 0.7% to have access to something I can get for free on FT!!

I can already access L&G Robo ETF on here without their platform, others would be:


Oh yes definitely need some ESG/SRI etfs on the list!

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