Tinder for stocks

Use an tinder style stock chooser
Gives a bunch of stats on it like seeking alpha does or yahoo finance and then You can block stocks to never re-appear or say come back in 3-6 months etc. Set up a price alert and you jsut sort through all the stocks offered in order of popularity. Could be cool rather than clicking in and out of each stock. It would be a rly unique feature.

A-What I doing?
A-Oooo you tryna find someone
B-puts suit on no I’m trying to find an investment opportunity

What if the stock doesn’t match me back? :cry:

Nice idea, but I don’t think it would reflect well on the app. It would look like it’s encouraging people to superficially judge potential investments, without doing proper due diligence.

It could be used as a way of filtering out gambling stocks or oil stocks if you don’t want that stuff. And to sift though the garbage ones quickly to short list To then do proper due diligence.