Today's market 02/02/23

Great start at this time 250 up 2.5%
100 up 0.5%
Obviously the market thinks there will be less interest rate rises and they will be smaller.
It appears they same may be true of the UK.
Remember the bank of England predicted a 2 year recession. As usual scare mongering it’s almost as if they want to scare the country into a recession. Carney was no different with his the UK will go into an immediate recession if they vote for Brexit.
And the IMF are coming out with the same extreme predictions.
A bit early to predict inflation and hence interest rates.
But my predictions are!
This is for the youngsters who have never heard of 4% base rates and may assume they will go back to 1% and cheap mortgage will be back. Interest rates have been way below what they were in the past. They will not go back. Bank of England will not drop them below 3%. We will soon get used to higher interest rates.
They will only lower below 3% if they can’t keep inflation above 2%. The word predictions can be replaced with an alternative word called guessing. This is called covering my back.
See my cape post for FTSE 250 and FTSE 100 to see the valuation for the 2 indexs

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