This firm provide brokerage services in fixed income securities, equity and treasury products throughout the exchange traded financial and commodity markets. TP ICAP do this through providing solutions in trade execution, data and analytics.

How is free trade going to implement this?

I have the same question. I sent numerous emails to support but got no answer after almost two weeks now.

I still havnt had anything back from them, this is really poor service. I have another friend who has TPICAP shares that also hasn’t heard anything from his questions.

We should have 2 options. Buy the shares at 1.40 or sell/trade our rights issue which works out at 61p per share.

I currently hold 800 shares, and held these on the ex div date 27th jan. I have more than enough in my GIA to cover the cost of additional shares. I am entitled to 320 shares @1.40 or the monetary difference which at the time of writing is works out about £200.
If this isnt sorted in the correct way I will be approaching the FCA to complain.

They just sent an email today saying sorry we don’t support rights issue yet. This is a joke. I told them I wanted to be compensated for my rights issue then.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Users do that, not freetrade. In this case, because you used slander - suggesting untrue things about a company!?
I get that you’re angry, but stay civil.

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Just received a news that we will get shares in the new tp icap holding company. Is it the rights issue ?