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Sorry if this has been asked before, but here goes.

US has Robinhood, and UK has 212 which allows zero commission trades on stocks.

What Unique Selling Point does Freetrade have over either of these?

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Welcome to the community first (should have started with that, but I am getting there :hugs:).

US is rather irrelevant in this subject as RH has no presence in the UK.

Comparing to 212, Freetrade

  1. Has no minimum deposits (£100 for the other)
  2. Has no fees for over 10 transactions a month (£1.95 + 0.05% for the other)
  3. Does not have a 0.7% - 3.5% deposit fee (insane!)
  4. Offers partial shares (minimum 1 for 212)
  5. Has a community interaction directly with the executives
  6. Are transparent in every single step they do

There is plenty of additional information in the pitch that you can request on Crowdcube, the Team has made an incredibly insightful and yet simple presentation explaining the uniqueness of the venture in comparison to the existing competitors.

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To add to @Vlad’s excellent answer -
Have you ever tried 212? I have an account with them but they come from the CFD trading background and the user experience is not built around long term investment.
I find it very difficult to track my portfolio and there’s very little information on how much money is currently in my account, how much is currently invested in which companies, whether I have received my dividends etc.
The UX doesn’t even show you the stamp duty you are paying for instance.
Our app is built more around the idea of long term investment in equities rather than equities added into a CFD trading app. Also, we will eventually offer a stocks and shares ISA.

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And SIPPs, completely got out of my mind!

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My response to each answer:

@Vlad Thanks, these are great points, and the kind of info I was fishing for before making an investment decision. That said, 2 points, firstly I think Robinhood IS relevant. Yes you are looking at two different markets, but Freetrade need to be watching them and their success very closely despite no entry their side in the UK (yet). This could change very quickly if they decide to expand, as they already have outside the US. Second point, yes 212 generally suck. Although I have an account with them and the fee’s related to depositing can be worked around if you do bank wire’s so customers can avoid this if necessary. But glad to see Freetrade are already ahead of this.

@greg Totally agree 212 is sub par currently, and good to hear about the ISA, that will be big (all other stocks and shares ISA’s are north of a fiver (at best) per open and close of a trade). One bit of feedback I’d advise however, you’ve sent out a private link to subscribers to invest, before showing the actual platform / app. Yes we’ve seen screenshots etc, but I’ve had no real experience with the app to determine whether it’s better than 212.

Any way we can get a more hands on look before roll out and preferably before the expiry of the investment for community members only?

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Have a look at this thread, which picks up on Robinhood.

Long story short - the US market is still more juicy for them than the EU. They tried to expand to China and Australia but not much luck.

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I’m not certain anyone enters the UK investment or bank market quickly, but there will be followers eventually. Take solace that freetrade have been putting in the legwork for over a year to get that FCA approval!

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I’ve moved the two replies below to this topic, to keep all of the discussion about Trading 212 in one place :point_down:


What about these guys? actually never saw them before

Will Millennials Flock To First-Ever Unlimited ‘Zero Commission’ Share Trading Platform In U.K.? - Forbes Magazine


trading212 mentioned in that article - I think they have been discussed here before?

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surely if it has:

It’s not:

edit: they’ve dropped the 10 trades limit, I should have read the article :smiley:

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One advantage 212 has over Freetrade at the moment, is in the app store when you search for Robinhood, 212 is the 1st thing that crops up.

Guessing its solely down to the # of reviews. Freetrades 85 vs 212’s 7.43k.

Need to get users reviewing in the store

Update on Fractional Shares