Trading silver and gold mining stocks

I have noticed there are little cycles in the mining stocks.
Little low and highs which may be an opportunity if you conquer your emotion and read it right.
However my question is a lot of mining stocks apear to be heading down down as if they are on the way to zero. (see newmont and barrick gold, HECLA, MAG silver)

Do a lot of these fairly large mining stocks just fade away to nothing or do they mostly bounce back?

Definitely high risk if you try to profit from a downtrade but im jst worried all minng stocks have large downtrends and what eventually happens to them…

Great question which I’d also be interested in answers to. I have a number of mining stocks as well such as CEY, CAML and even GLEN that are well down at the moment.

Miners are notorious for being cyclical. Especially the big ones. Much harder to judge with the small caps as they can do mad things. I was trying to buy and sell Rio on the cycles but it is nnot easy and I hate having unused cash in my account.

If you can make it in mining shares, you can make it anywhere.

The market goes down and down and down and down and then goes to the moon, and then it goes down and down and down and down again.

Unless you are Eric Sprott then stick to GDX / GDGB. Huge rewards are there long term if you can handle short term beatings of -50%+

Ps. As long as humans want progress Newmont and Barrick will never go bankrupt, the slingshot just pulls back more and more.

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This answer is the summary, ETFs or some big mining player that mines many different minerals, not only gold, so you are protected a bit in the downside:

For me, small gold mining companies are too risky