Transfrering ISA

Just a quick question on transferring ISA accounts , might be a daft question …lol

If im down on current stocks like around £1500 will i be best off waiting until them climb back up ?


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No difference if you can transfer them in specie.

This means you still own the shares during the transfer, they are not sold and rebought.

thanks for your reply mate , what if i was to choose a total different type of fund? would i still be down? as i wouldn’t own the certain stocks that i have currently…cheers

If you have some thing whose value was £1000 when you bought and you then sold at £400: You would be down £600 when you sell.

If you buy something at £1000 and transfer somewhere else to sell to buy a new fund. Well you will still be down on your original £1000. The new fund may go up: so you would be up on your new buy, but you will only be up again on your original £1000 when the value of the new fund is above £1000.

The thing you need to think about is whether you will ever recover your losses on your original £1000. Perhaps the answer is no. Perhaps you might over many years. This is the risk of investing. If it was 100% guaranteed you be up then my friend we would all be rich and some of us would be drinking Martinis shaken and others would be drinking them stirred in a nice beach bar in Bahamas.


I got you thanks

If you do an inspecie transfer and want to keep the same stocks / funds don’t do anything in your portfolio before asking :freetrade: app support to adjust the buy prices for you.


Think I’ll wait for a while for a pull back I’m getting hammered at the min with direct line shares

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