ISA Transfer Query

Hi all, wanted to post on here as couldn’t find a direct answer on freetrade’s FAQ’s/help.

I’m considering transferring my S+S ISA to freetrade as they’re offering a better deal than my current provider. I would transfer it as stocks + cash and wouldn’t want to sell anything. However, I already own a couple of stocks that are only available to freetrade plus members. I’m looking just to pay for a standard freetrade ISA and not a plus account, and was wondering if I would have to sell these lines of stock to be eligible for an ISA transfer, as this would likely deter me from transferring.

Hope this makes sense, thanks!

Hi @Swyatt the short answer is No.

If you request an in-specie transfer your current provider will send your holdings to FT. Just make sure you sell anything that FT don’t support.

If you own a Plus share you can sell but not buy. Sometime this is because a listing changes (drops from the FT350) or you were a previous Plus subscriber.


Thank you👍

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