ISA Transfer of non-UK securities

I was considering transferring my ISA to Freetrade since I’ve been a little disappointed with my current platform as of recent. I was having a look through the ISA Transfer page on the Freetrade site (Transfer stocks and shares ISA - How to transfer ISA to Freetrade) and something stuck out to me.

I have a very diverse portfolio, and transferring that into Freetrade doesn’t seem to be a problem from what I’ve been reading. However, if I decided to move elsewhere, it wouldn’t be possible to transfer my non-UK securities and these would need to be sold and transferred as cash instead. I’m not suggesting I’m going to run away and transfer elsewhere anytime soon, but it does leave me unsettled with a feeling that I would be locked in. Cash is nice, but so are my non-UK securities.

Is there a timeline to when this would be worked on?


It could well be in the pipeline, but I’m not aware of plans to enable US transfers. I’d imagine this is complicated by the fact that FT partners with DriveWealth to offer access to US securities.

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@rehpot is right, Freetrade have partnered with drivewealth to execute US orders. until either they off inspecie transfers or Freetrade build their own platform for the US it’ll be a cash only transfer for those.

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