Partial ISA Transfer from Quilter

I have a Stocks and Shares ISA managed by Quilter/Old Mutual that was setup by my IFA, it has quite a lot in it after maxing out my allowance for the past decade.
Last April I decided to stop paying into it and open a FT ISA instead.
I now wish to transfer some of my frozen Quilter ISA across to FT as the (platform+advisor) fees are killing any growth I had been getting in the old ISA compared to the growth I have seen in my FT ISA over the past year.

I decided on a partial transfer as I am concerned about putting all my eggs into one basket.
However I have just found out that Quilter do not allow partial transfers out, so I now have to consider whether to do a full transfer or leave it as it is.

Has anyone else done this kind of thing?
(I am sure some of you must haveโ€ฆ)

Thanks for any advice.

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