Previous years' cash ISA transfer

Hiya, I’m trying to do something with a previous year’s fixed-rate cash ISA savings, which I just sort of left to do its own thing after the fixed period ended as the rate of the new cash ISA it went on was considerably better than I would’ve got opening a new one at the current pitiful rates.

I reckon as I already use Freetrade for a stocks & shares ISA I might as well give this transfer a go with yourselves, but I have some quesions specific to my situation:

  1. It was originally a 2014/15 cash ISA which matured at the end on '18, and got automatically put on another one due to mature November this year - if I transfer the whole lot (eating the early withdrawal fee from the current provider) into a S&S ISA with yourselves, does it get clearly distinguished as a previous year’s allowance, and not impact my full £20k allowance for 21/22 at all?

  2. I need to withdraw some of it pronto, but the cash ISA provider doesn’t allow for partial withdrawals on it, just a full transfer or full closure (and if I closed it I would obviously be throwing away my ISA status on it) - if I transfer it all into a S&S with yous lovely lot, could I then immediately withdraw part of it to my nominated bank account (obviously losing the ISA status on just that withdrawn part), leaving the rest in there in its old ISA wrapper and still not interfering with my as-yet unused 21/22 ISA allowance?

Hope the above’s all clear on what it is I’m trying to do, ta

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