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Biggest Headphone manufacturer, with another big gaming launch coming up this may be definitely worth keeping an eye on. Currently at ~$6 , last time the last Xbox launched it hit ~$30. When the Original ‘New Gen Consoles’ launched it hit ~$70 and this is the next ‘New Gen’

Logitech & Razer may also be worth looking at. Any discussion feel free to open below.

Price When Written: $6:50 - April 11th 2020
Lowest Price Of Year: $4.25 - March 18th 2020
Current Price Edit 1: $17.78 - July 10th 2020
Current Price Edit 2: $29.29 - January 29th 2021

Turtle Beach Corp (HEAR)
Extremely volatile due to surge in battle royale games

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I think this is a good way to play the increase in modern warfare/gaming in general. Cyclical business, typically ~50% of revenue in the Christmas quarter.

They had a record year in 2018 due to fortnite. Some slowdown in 2019 and were forecasting a further slowdown 2020 due to last year of console cycle.

Google trends look very promising. They had around $40m in inventories reported in march and some headset models are showing sold out. Strong brand awareness in anyone who played call of duty in late 2000’s early 2010’s and remembers turtle beach headsets giving a competitive advantage in multiplayer. Many of those people now locked down and playing ‘cod’ again with all their friends.

Financials wise they used the huge fortnite boost to pay off debt and acquire roccat a German PC accessories producer. Now little debt, ~140m market cap, very good free cash flow the last 2 years.

They report earnings 7th May. I think may be a better earnings play then the obvious activision, though long term I prefer activision.

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After having several Razer devices i can confirm they do not appear to be built very well, they are not built to last (sadly) but their functionality is usually pretty good.

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I felt logitech was better anyway, haven’t much experience with either but know Razer are just about marketing to younger people really, but logitech have released many similar products now alongside. And from what I generally know about logitech is they’re not necessarily the best of any division but make reliable products with good service. But that being said Razer still keeps selling products. Not too sure what the sheets are looking like at the minute but i’d imagine there not doing too worse if any.

Turtle Beach I really want to see as I don’t think many PC things will see too much activity other than a general steady increase as the hype has settled, TB are predominately console & as mentioned the last console releases have seen big increases , and being the next new generation it’s most definitely going to see some action around release and probably through christmas.


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Apologies didn’t even realise it had been changed to ‘on’ didn’t get the edit notification. Thanks!