UNITI electric town car

This is a Swedish Company developing an all electric town car and they have recently set up shop in Silverstone where they hope to have the first pilot assembly plant running by late 2019. They have just opened a crowd funding scheme.
Looks a fascinating concept and I’ve had a dabble.
Dyson going to Singapore Sweden coming to the UK.


You can pre-register for their crowdfunding campaign here - https://www.uniti.earth/crowdcube/.

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Now funded more than 50%, Crowdcube campaign is currently private

Anyone gone through their material?

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I’ve gone through their investor/pitch deck. I like the idea and the nice city car market is a good plan for them. They’re leveraging the software play heavily.

Car market is very tough and unless you have a car that is better physically, specifically range foR EVs, then I don’t see how they differentiate. Why would I buy that instead of a VW e-UP, or Nissan Leaf etc.

I like it, but I don’t see a USP that would make me like them more than others.


Long time lurker, first time poster. Here are my two cents from looking through the material:

Uniti are positioning the Uniti One as a quasi-premium commuter car for city dwellers.

They face competition from the Eli Zero, Sion urban, E.go Life, and ofcourse the more incumbent Renault Zoe/Twizy and Nissan Leaf. They are in a very competitive space.

The main USPs for me are:

  1. Mobility as a Service model; This ofcourse reduces the cost of ownership. There’s no first mover advantage there though - Zipcar already have a fleet of VW EVs serving a similar purpose.
  2. the removable battery, tackling range anxiety. Great idea.

They tout the smart features, such as autonomous capabilities, HUD windscreen, etc - it’s great, but i don’t see anything original or disruptive.

They demonstrate traction through 3,000 pre-orders, which could equate to €60mn in revenue. The pre-order value is only €150, is also refundable and non binding.

It’s hard to know what to make of this one…


I thought about putting some amount but then I thought would I buy that car, and it was simple decision after that.



I´ve already invested into Uniti in the fundedbyme campaign in 2016.

Really like the concept and the team; culture is very open imo. They public "Uniti Updates" videos periodically on Youtube which makes it interesting to follow them.

From an investor´s point of view. Although the automotive industry is very competitive (Tesla has not made any profit yet) I think the industry will change a lot over the next 10 years… electric cars, autonomous driving, ownership models, sharing models etc. If the electric car is really the way the industry shapes to, then traditional car manufactures could get some problems due to their infrastructure based on the old combustion engine.

I think Start Ups can have an opportunity here.