Having gone from staunch Crypto sceptic recently to Coinbase explorer, I recently discovered Uphold. They seem to be much newer and based in Old Street. They offer integrations including “hedged bitcoin” that claims backtesting has received 90% of Bitcoin gains with only a third of the losses as well as a lending feature that lets you earn interest on your cryptos while the capital value appreciates.

My due diligence is looking good so far. https://uphold.com

Sounds interesting but their fees are meh…

There’s Abra too - I’ve never bothered trying to understand their fee structure…

Also, just recently, Zeux.

Actually loads of options. The market is getting crowded, so watch out for the “consolidation”


Uphold recently launched US fractionals (not yet available in U.K.) and increased its European headcount (doubling down on Portugal as it’s tech hub).

Theyve made a few acquisitions and think they’re at about 2m customers now (globally) so one to watch.

I crowdfunded back in 2015 when it was called Bireserve - i’ve since struggled to get hold of any meaningful financial updates. Anyone else invested?

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