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This company invests in UK-based industrial and logistics properties.

Hi @gemma , I can’t find this in the :freetrade: app?


Well interested as I have a penchant for warehouse, industrial and storage REITs. But no UK REITs in ISA means it’s a no go.

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I’ve gone full on with Segro in my GIA … too good to miss, but interested in £SHED also… I’d like Segro in my ISA and potentially SIPP.

Wish :freetrade: would explain the issue.

I have another ISA and have plenty of BBOX a small position in SGRO but I want to expand on that position.

I’ve got as many as 5 warehouse, industrial or storage REITs across 2 ISAs and always interested in both adding to existing positions and opening new positions in companies like £SHED and £BYG.

Totally stoked that $STAG is a monthly div payer.

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See this is exactly why :freetrade: need to sort things out…

Jealous of your portfolio… fantastic picks.

Are you REIT only? Are you e-commerce plays?

I have a balanced portfolio across different accts of stable ETFs and conservative dividend companies. While I do like a good industrial REIT that’s not my only thing.

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Spoken like a true professional :+1:

I’m still in the process of ‘sorting’ my portfolio … I can see my own slant toward e-commerce … the logistics side (hence why I asked) … Warehouse / Industrial / Packaging / Robotics / 3PL.

I need to reign it in a bit for balance :slightly_smiling_face:

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@gemma Hi Gemma. Any update on this one?

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@Optimisery @RumNCoke @jwt £SHED is now live on your app! :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing. Thanks :pray:


Ouch, are those charges correct?

Is there a reason why £SHED is not showing in the app?

I’d guess SHED’s one of the securities caught up in this:

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Well, that sucks.
Cheers @rehpot , the thread was rather informative…

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If shed is labelled as a complex instrument as a simple reit then freetrade with be removing most of its stock universe. Better get a process in place quickly else we are not going to be able to invest in much.