Vanguard Global Momentum Factor UCITS ETF USD VMOM

An actively-managed ETF, the manager uses a quantitative model to pick large, mid and small cap stocks from developed markets.

Hello why can I not buy or sell anymore ?

Vanguard closed this ETF and all it’s other factor ETFs

So how do I get my money out of this ? Thank you

You should have received a notification ~30days ago. The ETF stopped trading last week and so will be liquidated probably this week. Freetrade will return the cash to you of the value of your holding.

Pretty guttered I have had no notification or nothing. At current I am 4% up on the investment. Will I receive back what it says on screen ? Thanks

I’d get in touch with support to ensure they’re aware of it and ask why you didn’t get a notification

You will receive back the cash amount calculated by number of shared held * NAV @ 25th Feb