No notification received (ETF closing)

Hello I’ve just found out that the vanguard etf is closing yet I have had no notification of this which I am pretty cheesed off about if I am honest. I’m hoping to get back the money I have put in but haven’t got a clue if this is the case? Can anybody help? Thanks

Get in touch with support in the app. They’ll sort this out for you

My understanding is that Vanguard is closing four actively managed funds: VDVA, VDMO, VDMV and VDLQ.

(This reply for is largely for context, so people with other Vanguard funds don’t have to have a moment of panic.)

Yes, if they close a fund they will either give you your money back or move you into an alternative fund.

:exclamation:We’re currently experiencing an extremely high volume of contacts and cannot provide you with same-day customer support at this time.
:calling: Please email us on and we’ll get back to you in 5-7 working days.
Note: We can only discuss your account if you contact us from your Freetrade email.

What is my free trade email???

The email address you signed up to FT from

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You do have the right to be frustrated that you weren’t notified but there’s little cause for panic. ETFs do close now and again and you will have the cash returned to you once all the liquidated funds are distributed to the brokers by Vanguard. It’s just good to ensure FT are aware and have the processes in place to inform customers if such an event happens again.

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