Dividend payment clearing time question?

Most of vanguard funds are paying dividends yesterday, on 29-06-2022, up until now, almost EOB of 30-06-2022 I still haven’t received mine. Why dividend payment is so slow? Is this only problem in FT or does other investment platform is experiencing this too?

Which Vanguard funds do you hold?
Don’t think it should be too long, I got mine on VAPX and VERX paid earlier today.

1-2 working days seems to be the normal time period, though occasionally I’ve got some paid on the dividend day.

VHYL, VEVE, VFEM, V3AM. total dividend should be around 700-800£, in declining market like today, I wish I could get the payment now so I could buy more

@woodyblade is right. The payment date is when a company releases the money. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is sent at 9am, it also needs to clear into the nominee company before being broken up and distributed to users.

The ETF market won’t move so much that you’ll notice much difference, a few days is about right.

Might be a blessing and you find you end up with better value units on Monday, works both ways.

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Just been paid two vanguard ETF’S. V3AM and VHYL

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I’d also imagine that freetrades dividend team might be busier than usual. Many stocks as well as ETFs pay out later in June. I can imagine that as freettade grows, the admin work to get these divis paid out is going to add to a delay.

I got some of mine yesterday and some on the day. I shall likely get the rest today. 2-3 day window is to be expected on Dividend Fest months.:fire::fire: