Dividend payments after closing account

Hi @Freetrade_Team ,

I’d normally post this in Freetrade support but I recently closed my account so I cant. I have received two dividend emails after closing my account, but the money hasn’t transferred to my bank account like I would expect - can you please check if Freetrade will do this automatically, or advise how I need to tell you that you owe me the funds when I don’t have the mobile app anymore?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just to ensure this isn’t read in a negative manner - I closed my account as I’ve changed my approach to investment, not anything wrong with Freetrade - I’m still an investor in them, and remain optimistic that they will succeed, even if I am currently worried about the approach taken with Plus.


Hi Jim :wave:,
Please reach out to hello@freetrade.io and someone from our team can assist you. Thanks a lot!

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Awesome, thank you.

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