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The Company will seek to generate stable returns, principally in the form of income distributions, by investing in a diversified portfolio of global sustainable energy infrastructure assets, predominantly in countries that are members of the EU, OECD, OECD Key Partner Countries or OECD Accession Countries.

The Company invests in sustainable energy infrastructure investments that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals where energy and energy infrastructure investments are a direct contributor to the acceleration of the energy transition towards a net zero carbon world. The Company categorises investments into 4 different “Pathways” that relate directly to the acceleration and achievement of the energy transition, these are: (i) Addressing Climate Change; (ii) Energy Access; (iii) Energy Efficiency; and (iv) Market Liberalisation.

The Company will look to achieve NAV growth by investing in a mix of stable yielding sustainable energy infrastructure investments that are in operation, in construction or “ready-to-build” but will not invest in projects that are under development or are in pre-consent stages.

By targeting a diversified portfolio across different proven technologies, the Company will seek to spread, and therefore reduce, some of the key underlying risks relating to its sustainable energy infrastructure investments. The geographic diversification in the portfolio will further reduce the exposure of the Company to a particular energy market and specific “change in law” risks related to specific market renewables and broader energy market legislation.

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