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This is a UK-based real estate invesment trust (REIT) that is focused on investing and operating various real estate properties, particularly logistics, distribution, long income assets, retail parks, office and residential properties.

Would like to add this stock which has a focus on last mile delivery in urban areas, something I think will be only growing!

Hey @Mcmike, this was added to your app today:


Whats last mile delivery? Pls

Think deliveroo collecting from a restaurant and delivering to a customer for that ‘last mile’ or a better example might be bulk delivery of parcels to a parcel hub for delivery to flats/offices by much more sustainable modes (electric bike or similar) - that’s my understanding anyway!

Ok. Thks

U never said the stock?

Well there is the stock which is the subject of this thread - £LMP - Londonmetric Property. They have previously acquired warehouses suitable for last-mile companies such as DPD - see

LMP have also moved into the provision of ‘dark kitchens’ which are kitchen spaces taken up by restaurant operators who then use last mile delivery companies to deliver food - a good example is Deliveroo (£ROO) - LondonMetric buys two warehouses for £13.5m to become dark kitchens -

Start with some research on these two and see what you think before investing. There is also the Logistics Category on FT



LondonMetric are currently raising a new funding round on the PrimaryBid app - scheduled to close the fund raising within the next 3 hours.

Anyone know why this has dropped so heavily this week? Can’t find any rationale aside from the new acquisition but that was late April.