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Oh don’t :grimacing:

The :rocket: is coming down as fast as it went up. Hold it tight folks. I wouldn’t giving it up.

You mean this ‘space going ship’?

I don’t think that was space worthy. It seems to be a difficult endeavour. Despite VG’s delays, no one else has come close to achieving the same in a space plane.

When Branson agreed to buy what became Virgin Galactic for $25m they had a working rocket plane that had completed multiple flights, it hadn’t killed anyone at that stage but did crash on landing I believe.

My issue here, and I know I’m like Grampa Simpson, is that VG have no plan other than highly priced space trips. Their model isn’t scalable as they only have 6 seats. Their craft is still controlled by a human who pulls cables to move the wings - there is no IP here. Everyone getting excited about the future in this industry should be looking for the companies who are genuinely going to be building supersonic keys or EVTOL’s. If you’re into Space and like Richard Branson then look at Virgin Orbit for a far better company that has a moat (ability to launch satellites into LEO from many runways with a basic ground crew) and a path to revenue.


Do we think this stock may reach $50 again?

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This is the thing that boils my fluids the most. This isn’t a cutting edge aircraft or rocket. They don’t have a huge fleet and they aren’t running dozens of services a day like a major airline - surely they’re only one major incident/catastrophe from becoming worthless?

It’s like a WW1 biplane with a firework strapped to the back.

It’s hard to say how this will progress in the future and whether it will crash completely or grow longterm. But either way it doesn’t seem smart to sell on a loss atm. It will go back up eventually even if it’s just for another hype wave like this one. I’m holding.


I have faith in science and ever evolving technology, I’m taking heavyweights knock out on what tiny amounts I’m holding. Not gonna sell at loss.

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Yes, on the lead up to its first ‘paying’ passengers, which I believe is scheduled for next year, so not too far away.

But don’t hold it! Dump it a few days before the flight - ‘Buy the rumour, sell the news’! Seemingly not the best business set up but still has the potential to achieve a lot in these early days of space.

Once people start coming back down and going “Yeah it was good but it wasn’t very long and it’s a bit F scary” then I feel the novelty will soon wear off along with paying customers. Need to watch the competition from Space X and Blue Origin very closely. July 20th could see a drop in share value for VG once JB hits the heights.


While I know nothing about this stock, and I’ve no intention of buying it. sometimes simplest solutions are the best. Cable operated may well be much lighter that having hydraulics or electric motors, and is reliable as long as it’s maintained.

It is basically a plane that flies very high, not a proper space craft like SpaceX or Blue Origin.

More people die on roads than planes or space.

It’s far from a proper space craft, even looking at it you can see it looks like a private jet from the front. VG will fly any rich person to almost space (86km isn’t 90km which isn’t the Karden Line) using a rocket powered cable controlled glider that needs towing off the runway by a Land Rover.

Blue Origin have build something far closer to what I’d want from space travel but it’s still got the same issues about a sustainable business model, they have the advantage of the world richest man bank rolling them in the mother of all mid life crisis. It must be mentioned their own rockets aren’t ready to launch the Amazon Galileo internet satellites so they’ve had to book flights with a competitor.

Space X have built multiple autonomous rockets that handle the launch process, can dock with the ISS itself & return the booster to be reused. No tow rope in sight!

I’m a space bull, as space travel and opportunities it offered are fantastic but VG only have first mover advantage here, nothing else no IP & No business model. If this wasn’t a SPAC launched meme stock with Chamath pumping it up this would be a private company and maybe valued at $1bn/$2bn.


So, do you have shares in SPCE?

I sold out after the news for 126% profit. Something I thought I would not do but the fundamentals are not strong enough to pass the opportunity to take profit at this time.
These funds are now reserved to put back in should it reach $20ish again.

I do not. If this is a fun gamble for you then fill your boots and I wish you well. If however you’re telling yourself “it’s a long term hold for me” then I equally wish you well but wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

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I sold all my shares the Friday before the flight. Buy on rumour, sell on news!

This will be profitable in the future. The Internet was a wild idea once too.

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First mover advantage, but has taken many years to fly into ‘space’ successfully (17 years) and during that time no one else has come close to doing similar. For space tourism a space plane seems like a better solution than a rocket, from the perspective of comfort, regardless if you have to wait 10 minutes at the end for a tow back to the terminal. No customer will really care about the tow, or how it is operated.

They need to ideally reach the karmen line though.

There is still the supersonic travel market to come too which is arguably more lucrative.

I only got 1.2 but see this as long term.

If you could have brought shares in ‘the internet’ you’d have done fine but you can’t you had to buy shares in AOL, Netscape, Boo, Worldcom, The Globe …

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