Virgin Orbit ✈️🛰 - VORB

Problem is, they’ll pay him


Happy to see that many see through Branson’s bluster. Apart from a few early ventures, Virgin is a failed brand. Looking on wikipedia, it looks like he slapped the Virgin brand on almost everything. The worst are his airlines: Virgin Atlantic, America, Blue, V Australia, Virgin Australia, Virgin Express, Virgin Nigeria, Virgin Sun, Virgin Little Red. None of these airlines had any connection to eachother, often using different loyalty schemes. And time after time, he sells out after a while and leaves customers having to adapt to another airline.
TLDR: I will never invest in a Virgin/ Branson company


Virgin Orbit fails to secure funding, will cease operations and lay off nearly entire workforce

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That escalated quickly. From Britain having a ‘spaceport’ to bankruptcy in mere months :smiley:

Will UK taxpayers get their money back? I can’t believe so many people fell for another one of Branson’s grifts and I’m angry that so many politicians wasted precious money on it.

The funding would consist of up to £12 million from Cornwall Council and up to £7.85 million from the UK Space Agency, including a contribution of £0.5 million from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership. sauce


If only they had a billionaire backer


Honestly, Branson deserves to be sued following the collapse of VORB. Man has been grifting the public and taxpayers for ages.

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Now filed for bankruptcy

From Arstechnica rocket report

I liked the look of $VO but never did the full deep dive, probably for the best as it doesn’t look like the math ever added up. I did the math on $SPCE and that’s going to heading the same way very soon.