Vote for the Collections you want us to add to Discover first 🧺

How about a collection of stocks that are currently paying dividends?


Be even better if you could allocate money to a collection, like a DIY etf, once fractional shares are available


Where is CleanTech? That seems a burgeoning category at the moment.


Interesting, which companies from our universe would you consider part of CleanTech?

I’m guessing this is partly linked to some of the recent discussion about: How important is Ethical Investing?

Not sure, but therein lies the problem. Don’t think you have many.

But assuming that some companies can straddle multiple categories, Tesla could be in Transport (if you’d had a category like that), Big Tech and CleanTech.

I would associate renewable energy, shift from fossil fuel to electric, more sustainable materials, etcetera to fall in CleanTech.


It would be, we want these Collections to contain at least 5 or maybe 10 stocks for now.

That’s ok, we wouldn’t want the same stocks appearing in too many Collections but it’s fine if they’re in more than one.

Money Money Money can also associate with Apple

You raise an interesting point. @Freetrade_Team1 with Apple getting into credit would it be included in the Finance filter? How leniently are you deciding what fits into what category?

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We haven’t defined the rules that strictly yet, these are just a couple of the considerations. Maybe Jani will be able to share some more later.

Are there any that you had in mind?

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Yeah, no point having a Cleantech tag that points at nothing.

But yes FT should add more cleantech/eco/sustainable/SRI/ESG/ethical/impact stocks and ETFs. I realise that these terms don’t all mean the same thing but agree with @Marsares - it feels like a gap currently.

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I’d like to see Denfense (Boeing, BAE, Lockheed Martin, etc). I also think Transportation (National Express, Airlines etc) and Automotive (Aston Martin, Tesla, VW etc) will be good once more stocks are added.

But can we avoid having stupid names e.g Money Money Money? Just call it Banking or Financial Institutions. I find it cringey.


This is a tricky one because we don’t support the nationality declarations that a lot of these stocks require yet.

The same goes for airlines but aside from that, we’d definitely consider these.

I can’t promise anything here, we believe that putting some fun into Freetrade is important, we’ve written more about this here. They might not be for everyone but we’ll do our best to come up with genuinely amusing, rather than cringeworthy, titles :thought_balloon: One of the reasons why we started with more serious collections was to make sure that they really add value though and that’s always going to be a top priority.


I like the titles :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks for the info, I didn’t realise there was complications for Nationalities.

I get that there’s a fine line between being fun and cringey, and different people will have different views where that is, but if it means it’s not immediately obvious what the collection is for then I’d be against it.


Here’s a suggestion for the next shortlist - Sin.

In a downturn, sin stocks are typically resilient. It is the opposite of ethical investing. People can’t quit their products because they’re addicted. There are already some tobacco, alcohol, and gambling companies in Discover, if more are added, this is a good way of categorising them.


I think best would be to just separate them based on the main sectors in the economy - energy, materials, finance etc.
That way you can later on implement that in the portfolio section, where you will be able to see your portfolio in a pie chart spread across those sectors.


So here is a thought, why not simply follow the Global Industry Classification Standard which is largely adhered to globally for stock classification:

You start with the 11 Sectors as your main filters for now, once you add a sizeable number of shares to a Sector and they would benefit from breaking down further for the purposes of sectors, then you use the Industry Groups below them.

For example, you start with a Financials filter that encapsulates the whole Sector, but once you got - for arguments sake - 50 stocks in there, you split the filter up further by Industry, in this example Banks, Insurance and Diversified Financials.

Also saves you creating a rod for your own back in the future, as the Down Jones and many other exchanges use the classification so you can just pick up how they mark the stocks against this taxonomy.


Renewable energy?

What do people think?

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Oh yes definitely but before there can be a renewable energy category there need to be some renewable energy stocks on FT :slight_smile:

You’ve just created ETFs…


I’m all for following standards as it makes it easier to switch from one tool / provider to another; but I think Freetrade want to create something different here, more akin to “canned” searches as the opening post references company characteristics, not only market sector/industry.

It would be great if stocks were classified using GICS categories and the market / sectors/industries could be used as input to an FT collection (or custom search). e.g. “Consumer Staples” with a market cap of > 5B