Curated Stock Collections

Hi there,

I can see the curated stock collections in Plus such as IPO’s 2020.

One thing which would be great is an easy way to invest in all stocks in a curated collection.

Say there’s 20 stocks in a curated collection if someone commits £2,000 to a curated collection then FT then buys £100 of each stock.

So in this case regardless of market cap of each company or share price FT buys the same £ of each share.

This would be interesting to those who would like to regularly invest in all shares in a curated collection without having to manually buy each one for instance.

This would be a very powerful addition to plus as right now the curated collections feel like they could be developed further.


Interesting idea, but I can’t help pointing out that it would be £100 per company haha

I think your idea is great, and is an evolution of this idea here: Create your own automatic investment portfolio

AutoPilot (code name) is being worked on, and should in theory allow you to create your own curated collection and add £x each month in whatever weighting you choose :+1:

Could be worth adding your vote to the link above if you haven’t already!

Now corrected :wink:

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Great thanks I’ve up voted. Similar thing but asking for the collections to be a pre existing set up.