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I think best would be to just separate them based on the main sectors in the economy - energy, materials, finance etc.
That way you can later on implement that in the portfolio section, where you will be able to see your portfolio in a pie chart spread across those sectors.


So here is a thought, why not simply follow the Global Industry Classification Standard which is largely adhered to globally for stock classification:

You start with the 11 Sectors as your main filters for now, once you add a sizeable number of shares to a Sector and they would benefit from breaking down further for the purposes of sectors, then you use the Industry Groups below them.

For example, you start with a Financials filter that encapsulates the whole Sector, but once you got - for arguments sake - 50 stocks in there, you split the filter up further by Industry, in this example Banks, Insurance and Diversified Financials.

Also saves you creating a rod for your own back in the future, as the Down Jones and many other exchanges use the classification so you can just pick up how they mark the stocks against this taxonomy.


Renewable energy?

What do people think?

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Oh yes definitely but before there can be a renewable energy category there need to be some renewable energy stocks on FT :slight_smile:

You’ve just created ETFs…


I’m all for following standards as it makes it easier to switch from one tool / provider to another; but I think Freetrade want to create something different here, more akin to “canned” searches as the opening post references company characteristics, not only market sector/industry.

It would be great if stocks were classified using GICS categories and the market / sectors/industries could be used as input to an FT collection (or custom search). e.g. “Consumer Staples” with a market cap of > 5B

I would much rather have more filters on the discover page so we can filter by sector. Surely that would achieve the same goals?

At the moment there’s quite a lot of overlap between the collections that we’ve chosen and specific industries. I expect we will have an industry filter at some point and these will be more of a temporary solution until we do. But we’ll also use Collections to group together stocks that need more curation. This would be a good example of that type of thing -

I like the title apart from money, money, money, because I have no idea what it means (banks?, fintech?, finance?, dividends?).

I too would like to see a dividends or utilities filter. Would be really cool if users can tag stocks and others could use their lists as filters.


“Freetrader favourites” would be an interesting collection. Top 20 by trading volume or amount invested or number of users investing?


Renewable energy UK stocks

Blufield solar fund

The renewable infrastructure Group(already on FT)

Next energy solar fund

Foresight solar fund

Greencoat UK wind

Very low debt ratio and most of them pay 4 - 5% dividends

The benefited from the old government schemes for clean energy and I think no much competition will be there in the near future

Climate is getting warmer and production is expected to be better
They also come at a good discount so I don’t see a reason why to keep out of portfolio

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Assuming that plagiarism is the most sincere compliment, Evarvest had some interesting ideas around their “playlists”, one of them being Spare Change Stocks, which could be a good filter until you have your fractional shares live.

Another one was Daily Life Stocks, although I am not sure what would be in there.


I always find the brokers top traded lists really interesting. I’d like to see this, set a sensible time frame around it so it’s a touch dynamic too.

And actually the opposite would be interesting too - Freetrade telling investors in 2028 that these stocks have been held the most/longest since FT started 10 years ago. etc.


Nice! Some conformity to existing conventions would be desirable.

I’d also suggest collections along the lines of:
Conglomerates e.g. Unilever et al

Bonds (fixed income seems like a glaring omission)

Dividends (for the income investors already suggested)

How many AIM stocks do you currently have live in the app?

We have 3 in our universe at the moment - ASOS, Boohoo & Fevertree.

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