VUSA + EQQQ + what else?

Hi all,

I have just opened a ISA account and want to invest mainly in ETFs. I’m thinking on SP 500 (as that’s the standard easy choice), then a growth ETF (i.e. EQQQ) and then I planned on getting another a ETF which either represents the entire market or European market. Any suggestions on the such ETF?

I’m focus on growth, I dont mind some minor volatilely (but not extreme) as this is a long term portfolio.

VUSA + EQQQ + what else would you suggest that represents entire market or European market. Or you reckon my though process is somehow flawed?

Many thanks.

Here’s a list of all the ETFs you could pick as the “entire market”. Lots of options with subtle differences.

Developed Markets (Large+Mid Cap)
Vanguard: VEVE dist. or VHVG acc.
iShares: IWDG dist. hedged , IGWD acc. hedged , IWRD dist., EGMW acc. ESG
Invesco: MXWS acc.
HSBC (Plus): HMWO dist.

Global Markets (Developed + Emerging)
Vanguard: VWRL dist. or VWRP acc.
iShares: SSAC acc.
Vanguard (All Cap +ESG): V3AB dist. , V3AM acc.