Wealthsimple vs me

So I put some funds in with Wealthsimple under a conservative profile as they deemed fit for me, and I put in some funds into Freetrade for my own research, study, and buy approach pleasure. So far, my own investments are ahead, while the funds in Wealthsimple are actually in decline. Makes me wonder if I should’ve just managed the entire thing myself. The idea of entrusting my funds with these firms is that they should know better than I, me thinks. Then another part of me thinks maybe managed funds are better off in the long game.

What are you guys’ experience with managing your own portfolio versus entrusting it to these managed funds apps?

I think both are complimentary, funds should do better than my own investments in the long term, but, maybe, from time to time one of my investments works better.
It’s also important to do some research about the funds before investing your money in. I’m using Moneyfarm and I’m quite happy with them. This is how my money is doing (yellow line is my original investment)

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A conservative portfolio would probably have a high % of bonds which are currently not very popular and yields really low. I’m not sure what kind of risk profile you have in your FT portfolio but it might be performing better if you have a higher share in equity.

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I see you got diamond hands :grin:

That is true. They’ll usually chuck a handful of bonds into a conservative portfolio.