What are people's ideas for side hustles?

Agreed :call_me_hand:t3:. Creating a side hustle with routes that add experience for future employment promotions, and/or to passive income alongside your main career are great routes to explore.

A side hustle that turns into a passive side income that is then invested directly into your investment portfolio/strategy, is an ideal scenario to try create.

(Would like to hear stories of anyone that has achieved anything similar)?

I had a nice side gig before. It lasted 4 years. I was doing mini projects and software development for a family-office hedge fund. When I moved to finance I had to cut ties due to conflict of interest.

Our original tech stack

Here is my favourite blog post

Daymn I was young, hungry and foolish then looking at these posts (2010, 2011), Now I’m old :crazy_face:


That’s awesome. Liking how syked you are in the posts. I had a side hustle around 2006-2011 reaching out to small/medium sized businesses & brands offering to promote their events/company values & products to friends & people using MySpace, FB etc (even as early as Xanga platform in 2003). Advocating that your company can be transparent and hilarious and whatever it wants to be and people will LOVE it.

During that time very few companies paid any attention, I landed two long term gigs promoting the venue where the movie four weddings and a funeral was largely filmed and for tech company in London.

I’d say that after approaching about 100-250 advertising/pr/marketing firms with the intention that you could promote awesome unique and fun company values on these networks organically, I got turned down 100-250 times. Genuinely baffled how they couldn’t understand the potential.

I pulled away from that industry not long after writing an essay in 2010/11 during a marketing diploma, explaining that tv advertising is essentially dead and that none of the value is relevant. The essay went on to say that targeting people with relevant ads that could benefit their lifestyle, as opposed to putting one plain & boring generic useless ad on tv on repeat, should be priority for the future.

It was truly odd how the notion as a company to be yourself and be transparent and provide value, was not widely happening and therefore totally missing an entire generation of people. I believe from 2014/15 most of the memo reached the companies :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Long post but felt like writing before work haha.


I ran a number of websites (mainly in the gambling space) for around 10 years and generated a pretty good monthly affiliate income for a while.

It helped me get my deposit together for our first place.

I’ve tried running a few other sites in different areas but I just don’t have the time so much now with kids and a job that actually requires me to do stuff!

That and the fact that you actually need to have a decent knowledge of SEO now rather than just buying a good domain, some good content and a few decent links!

I’m not a gambler at all, but I have to admit I’m kind of intrigued as to how the matched betting works.

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Next time you are in a supermarket have a look and go through the pay as you go mobile phone sim cards.

If you do find one with a memorable number ie 07 999 888… or 07 123456… ect then its worth some money.

They are highly desirable, the more numbers that match ie 5 or more with the same digits the better.

Each sim card only cost between 79 to 99 pence and I have sold them on Ebay for between £4 to £40.

Makes shopping more interesting.

Have a nice day!


Football refereeing is one idea. I make some extra cash through this and it all goes into my investments. Good fun and keeps you fit too!


Buy tickets you know will sell out immediately (concerts, sports events etc) and then sell them online a few weeks before the event.

At one point in uni, my roommate and I had half our dorm logging into Ticketmaster at 10am every Saturday as that is when the big shows got released.

Best spread I ever got was for some Red Hot Chili Peppers floor tix at Madison Square Gardens. Some guy paid an absolute fortune for them a week before the concert. I’m sure it was an inconsequential amount for him.

Disclaimer: not sure what the laws are like in the UK for this.


Develop a zero fee platform and turn it into a multi billion business :sunny:…side hustle!


Ticket touting :face_with_raised_eyebrow: not a fan of this tbh and surprised the music and sports industries haven’t clamped down on it


Reselling / touting football tickets was clamped down on with specific legislation.


So many side hustles are becoming actual regular jobs now :dancer:t3::man_dancing:

I would never of had money on Adam being a ticket tout! :joy:


Not a fan of ticket touting, although to be honest most of the gigs I go to aren’t popular enough to sell out that quick so it’s not usually a problem for me.

It can be annoying when you try to get tickets for a big gig and you have to be on the page hitting refresh as if it was a Freetrade crowdfunding round :smiley:


Buy low, sell high.

Gets a bad rap but try getting tickets to a sold out event you didn’t plan 6 month in advance and you’ll appreciate the service.

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Well you can’t because the touts have all bought them to sell high :woman_shrugging:


I’ve been to gigs that sold out in a few minutes to find touts outside and a fair number of empty seats inside

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Touting just exploits fans passion. Deservedly gets a bad rep


Hmm, I don’t feel anything wrong with ticket touting, isn’t that just a business?
Here is a podcast on this looks there are measures against it http://freakonomics.com/podcast/live-event-ticket-market-screwed-2/

It became more of a problem because they developed bots to buy a lot of tickets instantly, so fans get exploited and need to pay more than the price the artist wanted them to pay

Not a great article, but the title is quite true: