What did you learn about investing in 2019?

@Jamie1088 & @Han - almost never sell at a loss.

I’m sitting on some right old howlers, but refuse to sell, because I have set myself a rule for now to help me in the early years of investing. I believe there is a time to sell and realise a loss. If a piece of really bad news comes in it can take years to recover and often is a trend downwards. Some stocks can make that same loss up and more in no time which are on the way up. However, as a general rule impulsive reactions of selling just leaves you vulnerable to market movements and emotions.


I think another thing about loss positions is we just hate seeing red. It makes us perhaps feel bad about ourselves and want to change them green just to cheer things. We’d rather sell up and have less money to see the whole screen green or with + signs.

We don’t like being reminded of our mistakes and perhaps worse don’t like to see bad luck when we feel we did absolutely nothing wrong to deserve the red stuff.

That’s why I like my wall. NO selling. End of. :rofl:


I propose changing the red negative percentage to just


Would make me better as I scroll through. (Looking at you Beyond Meat!)

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Beyond Meat is my biggest annoyance. I knew it was overpriced and knew it was all speculation and silly and yet i wanted a slice of the pie. FOMO and all that. It’s lost like 65%. I’m furious with myself.


Ouch. I’m at 36%. Absolutely fuming I thought I’d bought the correction.

This is a great thread. Here are a few things that I learned. And a few things I think you should learn.

This Community is Awesome
Agreed with Phil. It’s the first time I’ve really engaged with other investors. It’s not even about the quality of information, but just engaging fires up the neurons and broadens your scope. I’ve found out about new companies that I hadn’t previously considered even though they fit my outlook. From this thread, I’ve added Okta to my watchlist.

And there is quality here. This post by @engineer Charles Schwab Corporation - SCHW lead me to invest in Schwab. I’m up 30% in just over 2 months.

Don’t wait for Freetrade
Schwab isn’t on Freetrade. The Invest Platform should already be here by now, it’s disappointing it isn’t. There are unactioned stock request threads where the company has produced significant gains since the thread was posted. If you want to buy something, buy it. Don’t wait. Even with the Invest platform, there will still be stuff that you want that is not available here.

Ignore IPOs
This isn’t something that I’ve learned this year. It’s something that I already knew and followed, but ignored and got burned on this year with Slack. With Slack, I already knew about Microsoft Teams and its growth when I invested, and I thought the market did too - I was wrong. I thought a direct listing would give a truer picture of the company’s value. By ignoring IPOs, you might miss some big gains, but it’s clear that the private markets are useless at pricing companies. So I’m staying away again.


Thanks, now I’m YouTube famous! :slight_smile::joy:

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I’ve just bought Okta, I talk about it in my latest video. But I’m expecting a good 2020 for it:

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Every investment I’ve made this year has gone up my more than 28%, except Sirius minerals which was very much a gamble.

I’ve learned that I need more starting capital.


I kept Okta at -19%.
No regrets! :slight_smile:

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One of my lessons was about knowing when upcoming earnings are.

I’ve added a new tab to my Google Sheet for planning the next month’s purchases, and in it I’m forcing myself to go and find out when the next earnings date is:


This is the best thread for me so far. I’m able to build my investment process based on it. Thank you Phil.


What were your purchases, Heff? I’ve bought about 20 stocks, all of them up except GM which is about even. Wouldn’t say that’s down to my skill though haha.

I bought some Sirius as well, but it was just with the change in my account, not one of my considered investments.

@AchillesFirstStand GM are a great buy in my opinion right now. Was gonna go in but went for increasing on Bristol Myers

Yeah, my results to date don’t really mean that much as I’m looking long term anyway. I invested in GM after reading that they’re i think in the top 2 companies in terms of self-driving car technology.

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Great thread, really helpful. Thanks everyone.


Centamin, games workshop, Morgan advanced.
I invest in a minimal amount of companies that I believe will do well, and dividend payments are a huge factor.
I only invest in a new company when I’ve reached my shares target for the current one I’m investmenting in.


I’ve learnt to have a core rule when buying a stock which is in this spreadsheet (automated) and if it is true, I review the stock and check so see if I think its worth a buy
Keep emotions out of it.
Stable dividends is something I look for aswell.

Here is my gsheet:


The long anticipated crash failed to materialise ( again ). It will happen one day but anybody listening to the doom merchants would have missed out on some serious gains this year ( The Dow has gone from 22k --> 28k ).