What does FT market data look like?

Considering to switch to FT, so tried to find some kind of info on how Market data looks like Unfortunately, with no much success. Can please someone share couple of snapshots?


Freetrade is really just for order execution, they don’t really provide any research tools. You’ll need to use other sources of information to make your investment decisions.

Yeah, you get a graph with change over last 30 days, 7 days or 1 day and the “current” price, but that price is always woefully out of date compared to e.g. Google Finance, so it’s pretty much useless

I just use Google Finance for spotting when shares I care about are becoming very cheap (it’s a minute or two out of date instead of 15 minutes with FT) and use a spreadsheet on the PC for keeping track of everything. I only use FT to actually do the buying (and occasionally selling).